Sunday, February 1, 2009

Welcome to my blog

It took me six months to put this blog together. That's how busy you can get in Austin. You've heard the cliché that there's always something going on in Austin, and that's certainly true (even though twelve hours of UT coursework, in my case, also have something to do with it). But now it's up and running. Long live Celso in Austin! (drumroll, please)

I'm Celso Lazaretti, an international exchange student at UT. I'm from Brazil (Yes, I know it's cool. And by the way, it's pronounced "sell-so"). Differences are to be expected whenever one moves abroad, for whatever period of time, and there are certainly many differences between my native Porto Alegre and Austin. This blog will feature the ones I find most intriguing, as well as general insights from my experience here in Austin.

Here's a little map to help you get your bearings:

When U2 released The Joshua Tree, bassist Adam Clayton said that up until that moment, they had been learning how to be U2, and that now they were ready to see what U2 could do. That's more or less how I feel about being in Austin. I've grown quite fond of the city since I arrived here last August. And now I've got a thing or two to say about it.

Welcome to my blog, and enjoy your stay.

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