Friday, April 17, 2009

Austin Rain: Two-Month Anniversary

The last time it rained in the live music capital of the world was...precisely two months ago! Creepy!

How do I know? Because I blogged about it.

Today's rain was a bona fide Rio Grande do Sul shower: not only it was heavy, but windy -- i.e., the rain falls down at a 45-degree angle, and you have to adjust your umbrella accordingly. Not that it matters much, because that angle leaves your knees unprotected, meaning that your shins will be drenched for the day.

The Rio Grande do Sul anthem ends with a triumphant "Sirvam nossas faรง
anhas de modelo a toda a Terra" ("May our feats serve as a model for the whole Earth"), but I wish this particular one went by unnoticed. The water pooling up by the curbs, the cars squirting water on your legs, the wind folding your umbrella upwards...if you've been rained upon in Austin, Porto Alegre wouldn't offer you many surprises, weatherwise. Except that it rains more often.

Plenty of lightning today, too. You might want to consider rubber soles, just in case.

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